Monday Morning News Nov. 17, 2014

We are not resting on the laurels of this year's electoral success but are looking ahead to city elections in 2015 as well as county elections in 2016. To encourage potential candidates, we will host two open houses in the coming months, so women who think they might possibly run for office can learn more about the process, receive encouragement and early support, and ask questions of experienced, progressive Democratic women. The first open house will be Sunday, Dec. 7th, 1:00-3:00 pm at Democratic Headquarters. The second will be Thursday, Jan. 16th, 6:00-8:00 pm in the same location. Mark your calendars for one or both!

In this issue:
Monroe County Plan Commission Hearing on Zoning Ordinance Tomorrow
Monroe County Democrats Club Lunch and Auction Tomorrow
Action Item: Support Net Neutrality

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Monday Morning News, Nov. 10th, 2014

With the 2014 election behind us, we are very proud of our endorsed candidates for running great campaigns that led to many victories last week in local races. Congratulations to Linda Robbins, Judy Sharp, Valeri Haughton, Shelli Yoder, Michelle Bright, Lillian Henegar, Mary McInerney, Vicky Sorensen, Barb Sturbaum, Amy Swain, and Meri Reinhold! We were able to hear from them at Friday's breakfast meeting, regarding what worked, what did not work, and advice to others. We also want to thank Pat Slabach for her hard work running as well. She was bold to put her name forward for a spot in a largely Republican township, and we are proud of the campaign she ran!

Don't forget that we will be holding steering committee elections at the next meeting. If you are interested in running, please email

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Monday Morning News Nov. 3, 2014

The word of the week is VOTE. You should vote, and you should make sure every Democrat you know votes! Early voting is still an option at 401 W. 7th St. Monday from 8:30 am to 12:00 noon, and Tuesday is Election Day, with polls open 6 am to 6 pm. Give a friend a ride, help at party headquarters with GOTV phone calls or snacks for volunteers, hand out candidate literature at the polling sites - do all you can to get our Dems, especially our endorsed candidates, elected!

We will have a debriefing at our monthly breakfast meeting Friday! Check out more announcements and info below.

In this issue:

DWC Monthly Breakfast Meeting Friday
Final GOTV Push
Move to Amend Event Sunday
Action Item: Help Rape Survivors Prevent Pregnancy

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Monday Morning News, Oct. 27, 2014

We are getting down to the week before Election Day, and the time now is more important than ever to help our endorsed candidates. Can you knock on doors? Can you write a letter to the editor? What can you do to ensure a victory for our endorsed women? There is one more weekend of early voting this Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 401 W. 7th St., Suite 100 at the old Johnson Hardware Building. Below are the early voting times for the final week:

Also in this issue: 

Early Voting 


November Meeting

Action Item: You Don't Own Me

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Monday Morning News Oct 20, 2014

Election Day is rapidly approaching and we need your help! The early voting site is busy, but there are many strong Democrats that have not yet voted. Check out our endorsed candidates' Facebook pages to show your support (see below). We also need volunteers to hand out quarter-sheets  with ALL the DWC-endorsed candidates listed (and praised) at the Saturday early voting opportunities and on election day. See below on how you can sign up.

Also In this issue:
Early Voting
November Breakfast Meeting
Democrats Club Meeting
Cartoon of the Week
Action Item: Sexism does Not Belong in Congress 

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Township Races

This election cycle, voters have several excellent candidates to choose to represent them on the township level. Township government in Indiana is the most grassroots level of government, responsible for utilities, food, and shelter assistance for low-income individuals and families, the upkeep of cemeteries, and -- in many case -- fire protection services.

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Monday Morning News-Sept. 22, 2014

Election Day is 6 weeks away! Get involved to help progressive Democratic women win!

In this issue:

Volunteer for Judge Val Haughton!
Note to Supporters on Yard Signs
IFDW Day of Action  
Books for Building Lives Project  
Judith A. Sharpe Yard Sign Blitz
League of Women Voters Forums  
GOTV Call Out  
Linda Robbins Fundraiser
Action Item:Institute transgender inclusive healthcare or clear guidelines for all policies 



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Monday Morning News-Sept. 15, 2014

The election season is in full swing, and we encourage you to mark your calendars for the upcoming forums hosted by the League of Women Voters. A special shout-out to Susan Hall Heitzman, the only woman Democrat running for US Congress this year in Indiana, in the 6th District, largely on a platform putting the power of real people above "corporate personhood." Back in Bloomington, tomorrow's Monroe County Democratic Club meeting will be another chance to talk with candidates. 

Also in this issue:

Valeri Haughton Campaign Seeking Volunteers
Can You Host a Yard Sign?
Friend-raiser for Pat Slabach
Monroe County Energy Challenge Seeks Public Input
Monroe County Plan Commission Meeting Tomorrow
Action Item: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Should Resign

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Monday Morning News-July 21, 2014

In order to help more progressive, Democratic women get elected in Monroe County, we need to have fundraisers, like the one scheduled for Aug. 17. In order to have a successful fundraiser, we need to know how many people will be there, so we have enough food without having too much. So in order to meet the goals you and I have in common, please buy your ticket today! See more info below.

In this issue:

Aug. 17 Fundraiser & 10-Year Celebration

City of Bloomington Needs YOU for Boards & Commissions

Action Item: Tell Congress You Want to "Citizen's United" to be Overturned

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