As part of our mission, the Democratic Women’s Caucus is committed to providing quality, relevant training for pro-choice, progressive Democratic women – and their teams – running for office. What follows is a brief outline of trainings we have held to give you an idea of what our organization can offer.  Please contact us if you are interested in participating in future campaign training. We generally hold at least one event per year, with more personal one-on-one or small-group training with endorsed candidates.

January 2018 – Circuit Training

Attendees were divided into 8 groups, and we set up 8 stations where each group stopped for 10 minutes. Topics were: messaging, finances/treasurer, campaign organization, public speaking & forums, “Why are you running?,” fundraising, graphic design/swag and communications.

February 2014 – Circuit Training

Attendees were divided into 7 groups, and we set up 7 stations where each group stopped for 15 minutes. Topics were: Campaign budget, campaign team/management, “Why are you running?,” financial record-keeping, fundraising, messaging, and door-to-door canvassing. 

May 2013 – WOWW Event
Women Organize, Women Win!

We invited Democratic women from across the state of Indiana to join us for a day-long training event which included a brief overview of “Why more women don’t run for office,” tips for organizing women Democrats locally, registering as a PAC, a panel discussion featuring former and current women office holders, and a short version of our circuit training.

January 2010 – Follow-up campaign training

Our candidate follow-up training covered developing campaign plans, budgets, how to develop a message and staying on point with that message, forming a campaign team to help and the specific roles of that campaign team, fundraising and more.

November 2009 – Campaigning 101 & circuit training

We held a lunch/forum/training program in November, again for any women planning to run for political office in the upcoming year. Topics covered included issues of viability, in-depth messaging development, budgeting, campaign plans, developing a campaign team and finding the right people to help campaigns, fundraising, and a bit about the campaign 'necessities.'

January 2008 – Campaigning 101

May 2007 – Democracy for Monroe County Training Academy

The DWC and Democracy for Monroe County co-sponsored a two-day political grassroots training here in Bloomington over the May 12th and 13th weekend. They invited experienced trainers from Democracy for American who presented a “Training Academy,” where the professionals covered practical strategies and tactics that included communications, fundraising, voter targeting, online organizing, and building a sustainable grassroots movement.

March 2007 – Campaigning 101

Charlotte Zietlow, who was the “Director of Training” at the time, and her committee planned a political training for women that covered some of the basics of the political world while taking some of the mystery out of campaign planning.  These political training sessions were geared toward women who did not have much experience in the political scene.

September 2005 – Campaign training

As a follow up to the Emily's List POP training, the DWC conducted a campaign program for women who might want to run for office in the near future and women who wanted to understand that process more fully to better support and help women run for office.

July 2005 - Campaign Training Event (our first training event!)
July 2005 the Caucus brought Emily's List Political Opportunity Program (POP) to Bloomington. EMILY  =   "Early  Money   ILike  Yeast"…it rises!