Monday Morning News, Nov. 10th, 2014

With the 2014 election behind us, we are very proud of our endorsed candidates for running great campaigns that led to many victories last week in local races. Congratulations to Linda Robbins, Judy Sharp, Valeri Haughton, Shelli Yoder, Michelle Bright, Lillian Henegar, Mary McInerney, Vicky Sorensen, Barb Sturbaum, Amy Swain, and Meri Reinhold! We were able to hear from them at Friday's breakfast meeting, regarding what worked, what did not work, and advice to others. We also want to thank Pat Slabach for her hard work running as well. She was bold to put her name forward for a spot in a largely Republican township, and we are proud of the campaign she ran!

Don't forget that we will be holding steering committee elections at the next meeting. If you are interested in running, please email [email protected]

A Note from Beth White, Candidate for Indiana Secretary of State

While the results from Tuesday night were disappointing, I am proud of the campaign we ran and the issues we raised. I will be forever grateful for the support I received from folks like you throughout the state.

One of the aspects of running statewide that I have thoroughly enjoyed was the chance to meet new friends and discover parts of our great state that I otherwise may never have visited. The festivals and parades I attended are wonderful celebrations of community, regardless of party. As has been said before, the issues that divide us are small compared to things that bind us together.

Although our campaign has come to an end, the fight for a better Indiana that supports working families, protects public education and encourages greater participation in our elections must continue. It would be easy to be discouraged by the losses our party suffered this week. But I urge you to continue your support and involvement with the Democratic Party – democracy is not a spectator sport!

Elected office is an opportunity to serve; to do the most good for as many people as you can. It has been the privilege of my life to serve the people of Marion County as Clerk these last eight years. While I had hoped to continue that service to Hoosiers across the state, there are countless ways to serve your community and I plan to continue to do so. I hope that you will continue to do so as well.

Monroe County Democrats' Club Luncheon and Auction 

The Monroe County Democrats' Club will meet on Tuesday, November 18, at 11:45 a.m. at the American Legion, 1800 W. Third St, Bloomington. This will be their annual Silent Auction and "Blue Donkey" (as opposed to White Elephant) sale. They will also celebrate our candidates from the recent election--and have a cake in their honor! 

They need items for their annual fundraiser! Previous donations have included home-made foods, political items, books, and other gently-used items. Items can be dropped off at Susie Hamilton's house on Winslow Road, or at Rita Drescher's house. You can contact Rita at 334-2962 or [email protected] for directions--or request a pick-up of your donation! Donations also accepted on the day of the event. 

This will be the last meeting of the year--and their only opportunity to raise funds for the annual picnic and for the support they can provide for our local Party. Come and support the club and express your thanks to our candidates!

Action Item: Hold Them Accountable

From NARAL Pro-Choice America:

When Mitch McConnell is sworn in as majority leader in January, he’ll be surrounded by at least six new anti-choice senators. 

Here’s the thing: Anti-choice candidates didn’t win by running on their beliefs – they won by running on ours.Voters didn’t send these Republican freshmen to Washington to roll back our reproductive freedom. More than 50 percent of voters in Iowa and Colorado who support abortion rights backed new Senators Gardner and Ernst.

Now that we’ve lost the Senate, our top priority is to force the freshmen Republicans to keep the promises they made to the voters who put them in office to focus on expanding job opportunities and economic security for everyone.

Sign to tell the Republican freshmen:

You didn’t win by running on your anti-choice beliefs – you won by pulling back from your record and promising voters you’d focus on expanding job opportunities and economic security for everyone. Now it’s time to keep to your promises. That’s what voters elected you to do – and you’ll be held accountable if you support any attacks on our reproductive freedom.

Click to sign!