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There's so much to do in 2016, there are so many ways that you can make a difference in our community and our state. It's time to renew your membership in the DWC. Think of this as an investment in women in political life, an addition of women's voices to enrich the dialog on governmental issues, for the betterment and diversity of the conversation.

Only $20 for one year’s membership.  Join online here.
Won't you consider paying a membership for a college or high school student?  Just add that to your membership, and let us know if it's for a specific person or if you want us to find an interested student.


We offer a huge thank you to Lu Cregar, Dorothy Granger and Isabel Piedmont-Smith for their untiring work on the DWC Steering Committee in the past years.  Lu has served since the beginning of the DWC and has helped so much in communications, website, and treasury of the caucus. She's moving to Jackson County, but will be with us in spirit as much as possible. Dorothy has been the rock on which our silent auctions have been built, the event maven!  She's focusing on community and council work in the next year. Isabel has kept us on task with her attention to detail and organizational abilities. Elected (AGAIN!) to the City Council, she's got a lot to focus on as she begins the new year.

Please take a moment to thank them for their work and wish them well on the new work. They're not going away, just stepping down from the duties of steering.

Linda Grove-Paul, Lisa Borerro, and Teri Porter have been newly elected to the steering committee. These women bring experience in a broad range of issues to the caucus and will share that with all of us. Linda is VP at Centerstone and has experience in several governmental and campaign activities. Lisa teaches at IUPUI and her focus is on the well being of aging women and social justice. Teri is retiring from her work at HUD and was a candidate for Auditor in 1996.

Also from the Steering Committee Election, Jillian Kinzie has been elected to serve as Vice Chair, Vicky Sorenson has been elected to fill out Lu's term as treasurer, Amy Swain has been elected to serve as secretary.  Kitty Liell, Charlotte Zietlow and Carolyn VandeWiele have been elected to serve at large.

While ballots were being counted on Friday morning, we were led through an exercise to help focus the DWC efforts in the next two to five years.  Taking into consideration the mission of the DWC (FIRST- fund, inspire, recruit, support and train) we jotted down our thoughts about how the group could accomplish this work, and how we, ourselves, could participate in that work.
Other questions to help guide that exercise --
1.  Why did you come to the DWC?
2.  What was your favorite program?

PLEASE take a few minutes and jot down your ideas about the above - send your thoughts to [email protected]




Shelli Yoder for Indiana Congressional Campaign calls for interns
Shelli Yoder for Congress is seeking dedicated interns for the remainder of the fall and the entire spring semesters. Qualifications include the ability to dedicate 10 - 20 hours per week, working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, strong interpersonal and written communication skills and a desire to further Democratic politics and a determination to win! Previous political experience preferred but not required 

This position is unpaid but the campaign will work with all interns to fulfill college credit requirements. To apply, please email a copy of your resume Matt at [email protected] with the subject line “Yoder Internship”!


Incarceration in America forum program from South Central Indiana Jobs with Justice.
Monday, December 10 at 7 pm, city council chambers.  Panelists include Reverend Bill Breeden, Judge Mary Ellen Diekhoff, ISU Professor of Criminal Justice Mark Hamm, IU Professor Alex Lichtenstein, Moderator Patrick Brantlinger.

Indiana Democratic Party Holiday Ball, Friday December 11, Skyline Club, Indy.
More information at


The DWC is open to progressives regardless of gender or sexual orientation.  Join any time.  Only $20 for one year’s membership.  Join online here.

ACTION ITEM:  Read and act!

Rachel offers this for others as an example --


So here's my letter to my Senator, Dan Coats, who voted against expanding background check legislation Wednesday. Just in case anyone is looking for a little inspiration or doesn't have enough time to sit down and write their own letter -- please feel free to borrow and adapt to send your own Senators a letter today (and btw I also called Senator Joe Donnelly, who voted in favor, to thank him).

Dear Senator Coats,    

I am writing to express my deep dismay about your vote yesterday to oppose expanding background check legislation, only one day after the worst mass shooting since Sandy Hook.

I cannot express my disagreement with your vote strongly enough. I can see no valid reason why you would oppose a common-sense safety measure that is supported by the vast majority of Hoosiers, and would save thousands and thousands of lives every year.

Our gun violence problem is so grave -- 88 lives lost to gun violence every day in our country -- that it is simply unacceptable for you to vote against gun safety measures without proposing specific, concrete, evidence-based policy or legislation as an alternative. What is your proposed alternative? Please, propose it publicly -- sponsor your own legislation -- let your constituents understand that you are taking this problem seriously rather than catering exclusively to the rights of gun owners without considering the responsibilities that must attend upon those rights.

The status quo is not good enough, Senator Coats. You were elected by Hoosiers to represent us, and we -- 83% of us -- want background checks, and other sensible measures to reduce gun violence (please see:…/hoosier-survey-finds-supermajority-sup…/). We feel that we also have rights that must be balanced against the rights of gun owners, first and foremost the right to safe communities for our families and children. We don’t want to live in fear that a random shooting could claim the life of someone we love at any time in our churches, in our workplaces, in our schools.

I will be happy to receive your written response, but I will also be watching your actions in the Senate today and every day to see what you will do -- or not -- and I will be voting accordingly.

Best regards,
Rachel Guglielmo
Bloomington, Indiana


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