Monday Morning News-Sept. 22, 2014

Election Day is 6 weeks away! Get involved to help progressive Democratic women win!

In this issue:

Volunteer for Judge Val Haughton!
Note to Supporters on Yard Signs
IFDW Day of Action  
Books for Building Lives Project  
Judith A. Sharpe Yard Sign Blitz
League of Women Voters Forums  
GOTV Call Out  
Linda Robbins Fundraiser
Action Item:Institute transgender inclusive healthcare or clear guidelines for all policies 



Valeri Haughton Campaign Seeks Volunteers

Valeri Haughton, a DWC-endorsed candidate for Monroe County Circuit Judge, is seeking volunteers to go door-to-door to talk to voters. Please contact Nicole Bolden, at [email protected] to sign-up for a shift.

Note to Supporters on Yard Signs

If you are willing to host a yard sign for an endorsed candidate, please contact us at [email protected] and indicate which yard sign(s) you are willing to host.  We will then pass on your contact information to the campaigns. Thank you!  

IFDW Day of Action 

How important is it to you to make sure that progressive women get elected this year?  Very important! The Indiana Federation of Democratic Women has organized a Day of Action next Saturday, Sept. 27, across the state to help.

We urge YOU to contribute an hour or two of your time to this effort here in Monroe County. Drop off your family at the Farmer's Market while you join us at the Monroe County Democratic Party HQ, 335 S College, to help with local women's campaigns. You can't miss the 'Garden of Democracy"  (i.e. Yard signs) in front of the big white house! Activities will include preparing mailings, making phone calls, and/or going door to door in local neighborhoods.

When: 8:30-1 p.m. Saturday, September 27. For more information, please contact Regina Moore

Books for Building Lives Project!

You are probably familiar with the BHS North students who have built many Habitat homes over the past few years.  This is an incredible effort by young folks making a difference in the lives of their friends, neighbors and community members.  They and their sponsor, Pat Wilson, are to be commended.

Now comes another great project connected to that one!  Books for Building Lives was started by students and Librarian Kathy Loser to provide each BHSN Habitat house with a handmade bookcase with 100 books for the family.  They've provide seven such libraries for families so far and are working on their goal this year, $500. They want to provide a library for two families this year.

Nick's English Hut is donating 10% of their food sales to this effort onThursday, October 2nd, and the servers are donating all their tips to the project as well! Have dinner from 5-8 and mention this project to help! Contact Kathy Loser at [email protected] for more information and for other ideas! 

Judith A. Sharp Campaign Looking for Yard Sign Hosts

Judith A. Sharp -DWC Endorsed Candidate for Re-Election as County Assessor is looking for people willing to host a yard sign.

They are planning a sign blitz next weekend 9/26 - 9/28.

If you are willing to host a sign please send your name and address to [email protected]

League of Women Voters Candidate Forums

We encourage you to attend the following candidate forums and support our DWC-endorsed candidates! All candidate forums will begin at 7 pm and will include candidate statements as well as questions from the audience. 

Monday, Sept. 22 - City Hall Council Chambers

County Clerk (endorsed candidate Linda Robbins), County Recorder, and Judge-Seat 6 (endorsed candidate Valeri Haughton)

Tuesday, Sept. 23 - Ivy Tech Student Commons

State Representative, Districts 46, 60, and 62

Wednesday, Sept. 24 - Ivy Tech Student Commons

County Prosecutor, Sheriff, Judge-Seat 5

Thursday, Sept. 25 - Ivy Tech Student Commons

MCCSC School Board, Dist. 1 and 7

Monday, Sept. 29

County Council Dist. 1 (endorsed candidate Shelli Yoder) and Dist. 2

Tuesday, Sept. 30

County Council Dist. 3 and 4; Elletsville Town Council Ward 5 

"Get Out the Vote" Call Out!

When: Monday, September 22nd, 6pm-7pm

Where: Monroe County Courthouse - Nat U. Hill meeting room

The Monroe County Democratic Party is geared up for victory in November!  We need your help to win back the 9th Congressional District, break up Republican majorities at the State House, and maintain strong Democratic leadership in Monroe County. Please join us to 1) Discuss how we are going to mobilize Democratic Voters 2) Interact with volunteers, candidates, and Precinct Committee People 3)  Find out what you can do to get voters off the couch and out to the polls. Food will be provided.

Stir the Pot Fundraiser for Linda Robbins 

 When: Sunday, Sept. 28, 4-6 pm

Where: Sherbrooke Estates clubhouse, 3901 Sherbrooke Drive

There will be a Fundraiser for Linda Robbins, Monroe County Clerk, featuring hot dogs and chili next Sunday, and you are all invited! It will take place at the Clubhouse in Peppergrass, at 3901 Sherbrooke Drive (Corner of Sherbrooke and Heather). They will have Chili of every kind: Hot and Spicy, Mild, with meat, without meat, white, red, vegan - oh, and did they mention bread? And beer? Come and enjoy while helping one of our DWC-endorsed candidates win re-election!

Sponsors: Barbara Aspy, Lu Cregar, Nicole Browne, Terry Robbins

Click here for more information! 

Institute transgender inclusive healthcare or clear guidelines for all policies


What is transgenderism and why should I care?

Most people in the world are born with two arms, two legs, working organs, and generally no birth defects. Most of the time, when a child is born with a defect like a cleft lip or worse, we endeavor to correct it immediately. This is not generally considered optional or cosmetic.

Now imagine if a child was born with a life-altering birth defect, but the defect was undetectable until that child was an adult. This is still something we see in society from time to time, and health insurance generally covers it without incident.

But what if a child is born the wrong sex? What if a boy, with all the psychological elements of masculinity, was born with a girl's body? He would be forced by society to try to live as a girl for his developmental years. Then, when he reaches a point when he realizes that this discrepancy is present, 9 times out of 10, he'd want it corrected. Just as anyone with any birth defect would. This is where he runs into problems. 

He is an example of a transgender man. A transgender woman is the same in reverse (i.e. a girl born into a boy's body.)

Now, let's look at his life in today's society. What if he discovered a way he can correct his gender, and that through a transitional period, he can make his body and lifestyle fit with what he internally believes to be his true identity? Up until this point, all of this is true and possible. 

Unfortunately, unless he happens to be priviledged enough to live in a state where acceptance support is strong, he has a hard and very expensive journey ahead of him. Even if he never seeks surgical correction and just wants to change his life and his hormones to match his identity, he still can expect little to no support from society. 

This is what I want to change. 

Please help me challenge the american government and the insurance industry to reevaluate their policies and coverage. Every insurance policy available should have some form of coverage, or at the very least clearly and visibly state whether trans services are covered with a clear yes or no so that we can continue searching.

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