Special Statement 03/28/19

Democratic Women’s Caucus
Special Statement on the Endorsement of Amanda Barge for Mayor, March 28, 2019

The Democratic Women’s Caucus does not condone sexual harassment in any form and takes all allegations of sexual harassment seriously. While we understand that there is much that we do not know at this time, we are deeply saddened by the recent allegations outlined by the article in the IDS.
The mission of the Caucus is to support progressive, democratic women candidates running for office and we are dedicated to supporting integrity and service in government. The membership of the DWC PAC endorses based on a number of identified criteria: a candidate’s understanding of the duties and obligations of the office for which she is running, her suitability for office, her capacity to run a viable campaign, and the candidate’s alignment with the values and mission of the DWC.
Based on the new information that has arisen since our initial review and membership vote, the Steering Committee of the DWC has made the decision to withdraw the endorsement of Amanda Barge and the Barge for Bloomington campaign and the organization will no longer provide support for her candidacy for Mayor.