Monday Morning News 10/22/18

Entering week 3 of early voting in Indiana, and "Voter Central" at 7th and Madison has been doing a brisk business. Last week's note from the editor remains fresh and relevant: We've heard from the candidates and now it's time to take action at the ballot box. Make sure everyone you know gets out to vote and votes Blue in 2018. Make sure they have the correct id, know what races are included in straight party voting and which are not.... better yet, consider and vote for each candidate on their merits and avoid the confusion.

And your candidates still need help to get their message out and get out the vote. Sign up to walk with or for a candidate, join a phone bank, help with a mailer and, yes, they still need donations. Give a voter a ride to the polls or help them get to the BMV for proper id. Sign up for a voter contact shift at Early Voting or at a precinct on Election Day. Give whatever time you can spare—the dust bunnies massing under the sofa will still be there on November 7. And as Al Franken quipped so memorably at the 2016 national convention: an eight-year-old can make dinner in the microwave. And the eight-year-old can teach the four-year-old how to microwave....

There are just a few weeks left - in many cases the polls are neck and neck. If you're angry about what has been going on, channel that anger into a positive action - every voice is important, every vote counts.



Candidate Info
Action Items


This week's needs for candidates!

Fawcett for Judge Committee. Darcie needs people willing to put yard signs on their property, and could use some early voting help. To help, please contact Allison Chopra ([email protected]) or Jennifer Armstrong ([email protected]).

Lee Jones for Monroe County Commissioner: [email protected]
Lee needs people to put up yards signs on their property and help with early voting. She is also working to put together a mail piece and will need help with that when it is done. Contact Lee directly at the address above.

Shelli Yoder, Candidate for County Council District 1. Alison Pitt Polley, campaign chair, at [email protected].
Canvassers Needed! Join Shelli for a two-hour shift on Tuesday October 30 and Thursday, November 1. Canvassers will meet at Shelli’s house 4526 E. Sheffield Drive. Her phone number is 812-327-4249. If you sign up for a shift, text Shelli to let her know when you can join the fun. You can also email her at [email protected]. But do let her know you are coming so she knows to wait for you. And after our DWC breakfast on Friday, November 2, join Shelli for a 2-hour shift in a Door2DoorBlowout, canvassing a whole host of Monroe County precincts, followed by lunch at Shelli's house. And finally, sign up for 2-hour shifts again on Saturday, November 3 and Sunday, November 4.

Kate Wiltz, Candidate for County Council District 2: [email protected]
Kate needs a few more yard sign locations in her district, particularly in locations outside the Bloomington city limits, and would like a companion to walk with her on weeknights.

Ashley Pirani, Candidate for County Council District 3: [email protected]
Ashley could use yard signs at locations in the townships, and people willing to write letters to the editor.
She also needs help with canvassing and you can see the times and sign up for canvassing dates:!/showSignUp/70A0F4FA4AF22A5FC1-october

Penny Githens, Candidate for State Representative District 60. Volunteer coordinator: [email protected].
Don't think Penny isn't busy, because she is EVERYWHERE! She reported these needs:

A weekly phone bank on Friday afternoons through November 2, 1:00 - 4:00, at Dem HQ. If people prefer to canvass during that time, she can provide them with a walk-list for Bloomington.
People willing to put yard signs on their property.
On-going canvasses in Monroe and Morgan counties -- please contact Deborah Meader, [email protected], if you are willing to help.
People who can help at early voting on October 27 and November 3, and at various polling places on November 6.

Amy Swain, Candidate for State Representative District 62. Campaign coordinator Cory Ray: [email protected]
She also needs yard sign locations for precincts Perry 4, 5, 10, 11, 12, 13, 24, 25, 27, Van Buren 1-6, Indian Creek.



EARLY VOTING STARTED on OCTOBER 10th! and runs through Nov. 5 at Election Central, 401 W 7th Street.
8 am - 6 pm weekdays (excluding holidays) through Friday November 2.
9 am - 4 pm on Saturdays October 27th and November 3 ONLY
8 am - noon Monday, November 5th

6 am - 6 pm Nov. 6 at the Polls


Remember if you have a question about the logistics of voting (not who to vote for) - ask your election officials, that's what they are there for. If you have a problem at the polls your Election Board official wants to know... please email Carolyn VandeWiele, the Democratic Member of the Board, at [email protected] and let her know what went wrong. We want everyone to have a positive experience at the polls.

For more information on voting for School Board and your MCCSC and RBB School Board candidates check out the Indiana Coalition For Public Education Monroe County (ICPE) Guide at There are links to their candidate surveys and video of their MC School Board Forum as well as links to press releases about school board races on this page.

A message from the League of Women Voters Bloomington-Monroe County: KEYS TO THE CANDIDATES
The Keys to the Candidates was published by the Herald-Times on October 5 and 6. The Keys document shows a comparison of candidates' responses to the same questions. The questions are designed to be nonpartisan and unbiased. All candidates running with opposition in Monroe County are sent the questions; candidates running without opposition are excluded. Not all candidates respond to the questions, but most do.

The Keys is available online at the Herald-Times Online. The Keys is also available on the League website.

Contact Kaisa Goodman at the the Monroe County Democratic Party at 812-272-3439 or [email protected] to make arrangements to get to your voting location.

NEW PODCAST OF INTEREST: The DLCC announces the launch of a new podcast called STATED with host Jessica Post. The first guest is Stephanie Schriock from EMILY’s List. Listen and subscribe now on Apple, Google, Spotify, Stitcher or your favorite podcast app.

City of Bloomington commission openings

Bloomington Art Commission: The City of Bloomington Office of the City Clerk is accepting applications to fill a vacant position on the Bloomington Art Commission. The position is available for city residents.
The Bloomington Arts Commission provides a means for the City of Bloomington to stimulate and encourage community appreciation for and participation in the arts.

Bloomington Commission on the Status of Women: The City of Bloomington Office of the City Clerk is accepting applications to fill a vacant position on the Bloomington Commission on the Status of Women. The position is available for city residents.
The City of Bloomington Commission on the Status of Women explores women's issues and concerns, celebrates women's accomplishments, and promotes solutions to the challenges and problems faced by women.

Bloomington Commission on Sustainability: The City of Bloomington Office of the City Clerk is accepting applications to fill a vacant position on the Bloomington Commission on Sustainability. The position is available for city residents. The City of Bloomington Commission on Sustainability (BCOS) promotes economic development, environmental health, and social equity in our community for present and future generations. The commission gathers and disseminates information; promotes practical initiatives; and measures, monitors, and reports on our community's progress toward sustainability.

To learn more about these commissions, and each of the City’s boards and commissions, including mission statements, membership requirements, current membership listings and term lengths, or for online applications, use the feature OnBoard at, or by clicking on the “OnBoard” button on the City’s home web page. All board and commission meetings are free and open to the public. Potential applicants are urged to attend a meeting of their desired board or commission prior to applying. Meeting schedules and locations can be found under the “committee info” tab on OnBoard. Information and applications are also available at the City Clerk’s Office in Showers City Hall at 401 N. Morton.



Wednesday, October 24, 2018, 7:00 pm
Debate With The College Republicans
Hosted by the IU College Democrats
Dogwood Room, IMU, Indiana University
Join the IU College Democrats for a debate with the IU College Republicans

Thursday, Oct. 25, 2018 7:00-9:00pm
Take Back The Night 2018!
Dunn Meadow
Hosted by IU Feminist Student Association
Come fight against the culture of sexual assault and relationship violence! Take Back the Night is a time when we gather in support to acknowledge and eliminate the realities of sexual, relationship, and domestic violence in all forms, especially on college campuses.
Tentative agenda:
7 pm- gather in Dunn Meadow, participate in small activities
7:45 pm- speakers
8:15 pm- light candles and begin march
8:30 pm- gather downtown for a speak out
DM or email the FSA if you'd like to be involved. They are looking for speakers and organizations to table at the beginning of the event!
For more information or to RSVP

Saturday, October 27, 2018, 6:00 pm
Monroe County Branch NAACP 40th Annual Freedom Fund Banquet
Monroe County Convention Center, 302 South College Avenue, Bloomington, IN
This year's theme is: "DEFEAT HATE! VOTE!"
The guest speaker will be Dana Black, Deputy Chair of Engagement for the Indiana Democratic Party
Tickets: Adult - $50 Youth (16 and under) - $25 - available at the Buskirk-Chumley Box Office, 714 East Kirkwood Avenue, Bloomington, IN
The funds raised financially support the branch's activities such as the Scholarship Program for local high school seniors, public forums on significant civil rights issues, and support for community programs which advances the mission of the NAACP.

Sunday, October 28 & Saturday November 3, 2018
DFA Dialer for Liz (among other candidates):
This is a national phone campaign and there could be people as far away as California dialing into the Ninth District on Liz's behalf.
To participate in the Dialer, go to their RSVP Page to sign up.

Thursday November 15, 2017 6:00pm
Monroe County Black Democratic Caucus Monthly Meeting
Democracy Lab, 116 S. Madison St., Bloomington
Including biennial elections for the offices of President, Vice President and Treasurer.
Each member of record in good standing is entitled to vote with the exception of associate and honorary members. A member is considered to be in good standing immediately upon payment of membership dues. A member must be in good standing for a period of at least one year in order to be considered as a candidate for office.



Time to step up--November is a coming...!!!

It's coming down to the wire. Now is the time to volunteer to help our DWC endorsed candidates win in November. That is our primary mission, and they need our help. Please sign up to help them. We have wonderful, hardworking women running at the local level who will make a difference in Bloomington and Monroe County. The Federal Government is not the only thing that is broken in our political system... sending Penny Githens, Amy Swain and Thomasina Marsili to the State House is critical if we want to make changes in Indiana.

But we know you have time to help Liz Watson as well. Here's why that's something we need to do. The only way to deal with the pathetic circus in Washington is to flip Congress. That starts right here, my friends, in the 9th District. Volunteer NOW for Liz Watson's campaign because we really can make a difference from our little spot on the planet. And yes, we mean planet. The whole world is watching Americans to see how low we can sink. So think about it. We may be a little spot on the globe, but our voices and our will are MIGHTY. Liz Watson is the real deal. If we help her win, we are one step closer to restoring normality to our Congress. It's on each one of us to take this on. Who else?


Support Redistricting Reform—Sign and Share the Petition to Governor Holcomb

2020 is nearly upon us, bringing another round of elections, the federal census, and redistricting. NOW is the time to push for redistricting reform and put a stop to the gerrymandering that in 2012 enabled Indiana Republicans to control 69 percent of seats in the state legislature while getting only 53.7 percent of the vote. Governor Eric Holcomb has said he supports redistricting reform, so we've got a powerful ally at the State House. So far though, the Governor has not made redistricting reform one of his legislative priorities. All IN for Democracy is out to change that and needs your help. Go to All IN's website and add your name to the petition to Governor Holcomb. Then, share the petition via social media and/or a message to your email contacts. All IN will be delivering these petitions right after Election Day - so please do what you can to help gather as many signatures as possible. Here's the link


The DWC is dedicated to inspiring, recruiting, training, supporting and funding women to increase the number of progressive, pro-choice women in the political arena. We ALL help with this mission, together, collectively. Make sure you have full rights and privileges of membership.
Only $20 for one year’s membership.
Join online here:

Do you have news items? Send your items of interest to us at [email protected]
Deadline for MMN is noon on Sunday.

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