Monday Morning News - November 12, 2018


Our endorsed candidates worked themselves to the bone during this election season and we are so proud of every last one of them. We weren't successful in every contest, but it was not for lack of effort, and most importantly, no one was a loser in our book!!! Politics is an unpredictable animal and the best candidate, in our humble opinion, doesn't always win. But next time--beware the female candidate with talent, persistence, campaign experience, name recognition and the backing of the DWC!

The following endorsed candidates take (or keep) office in January:

Michelle Bright, Benton Township Trustee

Nicole Brown, County Clerk

Darcie Fawcett, Monroe Circuit Court, Division 9, Seat 8

Christine Talley Haseman, Monroe Circuit Court, Division 2, Seat 2

Lee Jones, Monroe County Commissioner

Erika Oliphant, Prosecutor

Catherine Stafford, Monroe Circuit Court, Division 6, Seat 3

Kate Wiltz, County Council District 2*

Shelli Yoder, County Council District 1

*There is a recount for Kate's race of Perry 7-31 due to a ballot glitch. However, the County Clerk's office has indicated it is not expected to change the outcome of the race.


To our other endorsed candidates: Thank you thank you thank you for stepping up and helping to change the face of elections in Monroe County to one with more female candidates than ever before. You all had tough districts to deal with and you fought the good fight. Your names are out there now and people will be watching, so don't count these fabulous women out in future races!!! 

Pam Cook, Bean Blossom Township Trustee

Rosemary Doherty, Indian Creek Township Board

Penny Githens, State Representative District 60

Beverly Himes, Indian Creek Township Trustee

Ashley Pirani, County Council District 3

Amy Swain, State Representative District 62

The DWC hosted a brunch on Tuesday--Election Day--at the Village Deli for any candidates and their supporters who could drop in. Spirits were high and attendees encouraged each other to push through to the end. There was lots of praise for our DWC  volunteers at the polls! We talked about the high voter turn out and how we had to keep printing more DWC flyers for our candidates… which was a great thing!

The DWC also hosted a lunch after the election on Friday, November 9th at Grazie to celebrate all of our candidates, poll workers and volunteers. There were about 40-50 women in attendance. It was a great way to celebrate, share stories and just be together. What an amazing election year in Monroe County, with a record turnout for a midterm election! Soooo many people pitched in to help on election day and leading up to it--you have all done the DWC and our communities proud.

And finally, a shout out to Liz Watson for her unbelievable effort to try and turn our District blue again. We can't be more heartbroken about the outcome. Liz, you have our hearts and our wallets set on your race in 2020!


Action Items


City of Bloomington commission openings

Bloomington Arts Commission: The City of Bloomington Office of the City Clerk is accepting applications to fill a vacant position on the Bloomington Art Commission. The position is available for city residents.The Bloomington Arts Commission provides a means for the City of Bloomington to stimulate and encourage community appreciation for and participation in the arts.

Bloomington Commission on the Status of Women: The City of Bloomington Office of the City Clerk is accepting applications to fill a vacant position on the Bloomington Commission on the Status of Women. The position is available for city residents. The City of Bloomington Commission on the Status of Women explores women's issues and concerns, celebrates women's accomplishments, and promotes solutions to the challenges and problems faced by women.

Bloomington Commission on Sustainability: The City of Bloomington Office of the City Clerk is accepting applications to fill a vacant position on the Bloomington Commission on Sustainability. The position is available for city residents. The City of Bloomington Commission on Sustainability (BCOS) promotes economic development, environmental health, and social equity in our community for present and future generations. The commission gathers and disseminates information; promotes practical initiatives; and measures, monitors, and reports on our community's progress toward sustainability.

To learn more about these commissions, and each of the City’s boards and commissions, including mission statements, membership requirements, current membership listings and term lengths, or for online applications, use the feature OnBoard at, or by clicking on the “OnBoard” button on the City’s home web page. All board and commission meetings are free and open to the public. Potential applicants are urged to attend a meeting of their desired board or commission prior to applying. Meeting schedules and locations can be found under the “committee info” tab on OnBoard. Information and applications are also available at the City Clerk’s Office in Showers City Hall at 401 N. Morton.


Thursday November 15, 2017 6:00pm
Monroe County Black Democratic Caucus Monthly Meeting
Democracy Lab, 116 S. Madison St., Bloomington
Including biennial elections for the offices of President, Vice President and Treasurer. Each member of record in good standing is entitled to vote with the exception of associate and honorary members. A member is considered to be in good standing immediately upon payment of membership dues. A member must be in good standing for a period of at least one year in order to be considered as a candidate for office.


There's always a bit of a lull in political events and activities after an election. People need time to review the new landscape, recover from volunteering and election stress, and of course there are the upcoming holidays. But our work is never done. We have DWC Steering Committee elections in December, and then there are elections for local offices in 2019--we're just two months away from the next election season! So, action items:

1. Think about whether you want to run for the DWC Steering Committee. There will be more detailed information on what this involves and how many positions are open in an upcoming DWC bulletin. If you already know you want to run, send a short bio and a photo to Amy Swain at [email protected]

2. Take a well-deserved break for just this week (well, and maybe Thanksgiving week). 

But then we're back to it. A HUGE thanks to our members and friends who worked the polls; called, canvassed and advocated for candidates; and probably most importantly, VOTED. We are changing our world one vote at a time, my friends, and that's what counts.

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