Monday Morning News Aug. 24, 2016

The DWC Steering Committee respectfully submits the following bylaws amendment to the membership of the Democratic Women’s Caucus for their consideration:

Shall the Article 4 (Steering Committee) Section C of the By-laws of the Democratic Women’s Caucus be amended to read as follows:

    C. The Chair and six at-large members shall be elected to begin their term in odd numbered years; the Treasurer and six at-large members will be elected to begin their term in even numbered years.
    The Steering Committee shall appoint a Vice Chair and Secretary at its first meeting each year from among the twelve at-large members.

A simple majority of the entire membership is needed for the amendment to pass. If you are not sure whether or not you paid your dues this year, please contact DWC Treasurer Vicky Sorensen, [email protected].

If you cannot be present at the DWC monthly meeting on Friday, September 2 to vote in person, please submit your YES or NO vote to [email protected].
Voting by email will begin at noon on Wednesday August 24 and end on Thursday, September 1 at 6pm

Reasoning behind the change:
The DWC By-Laws were recently reviewed by the Steering Committee and a change is proposed.  

The modification to the By-Laws is in Article 4, Section C.  The proposed change specifies that only the President and Treasurer will be elected to their roles and other roles may be appointed from among at-large members.  This change is intended to allow greater flexibility for leadership within the Steering Committee.
NOTE:  These two offices are the ones required for our PAC and financial forms.  
This is one reason.  The other was that having the Chair and the Vice Chair elected in opposite years didn't allow for a natural succession of the Chair.

This modification can be adopted with a simple majority of the membership at the September 2 breakfast meeting.  
Please vote by email if you will NOT be present at the September meeting.

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