Monday Morning News Nov. 3, 2016

Breakfast Friday, November 4th. 7:30 am, Village Deli

It's the final week. The 2016 election ends Tuesday, November 8th. BUT before then, there's still LOTS of work to do.***
For a bit of an inside look at campaigns, and campaigns at the congressional level, we have some very special guests coming to share their experiences with us.
Megan Caska is working with the Yoder campaign and is from the DCCC.  
Heather Boaz-Meloy is also on site and has been sent in from the Sierra Club.
They'll both give some background on their work, their perspectives from their unique positions.
Very, very special guest will be Jill Long Thompson, former Congresswoman from Indiana. Jill's known Shelli since her days in congress (1989 to 1995.)
AND if you get to the breakfast really, really early, you might catch Shelli Yoder before she runs off to teach her early class.

So how special is that! Only 7 women ever to serve in congress from the state of Indiana... and Shelli will make 8.  AND we'll have two of the eight in the same room at the same time!

And if that isn't enough to celebrate, our own former State Senator Vi Simpson will be on hand to tie it all together for us!

Our 2016 DWC Endorsed Candidates (Penny Githens, Jessica McClellan, Amanda Barge, Holly Harvey, Lee Jones, Cheryl Munson, and Joani Shields and Julie Thomas) hope to be present if their work schedules allow them to.  

Please come, early if you can, and let's send these women off for the final days with the biggest round of support we can!

***Bring your calendar, your checkbook, your spare single dollar bills, and a pen! There's lots to do to support our candidates on Tuesday.
DWC has a few shifts left at selective polls for folks to hand out a little piece on our endorsed candidates. You can sign up on Friday at Breakfast, or you can sign up for a shift at

NOTE: If you haven't seen or liked our Facebook Page Democratic Women's Caucus, please do! We're featuring endorsed candidates there with blurbs and special new videos. We've reached over 4,000 people just this week!  And then please share widely!

Please join us! Bring a friend!