Monday Morning News Oct. 31, 2016

We know this election is a monumental one in so many ways. As we watched the convention with our mothers, or with our mothers in spirit, with our daughters and sisters, the sense of change, equality, the excitement and relief over the prospect of a woman as President of the United States was absolutely real. We heard it. We talked about it. We talked about the things we hadn't talked about in ages in regards to the way women had been treated in the past regarding employment, economic and financial matters (credit cards?!)
Fast forward to our working so feverishly and fervently for local candidates, Shelli Yoder and the DWC endorsed candidates. Making calls, walking and knocking on doors, attending forums, coaching candidates.  We'd almost, just a little, lost focus for a few minutes.

This week our young friend Maya Szakaly told her parents, Mike and Veronica, that she wanted to dress as a suffragist for Halloween.
Here is the result of their efforts -- in grey tones except for the splash of a pink Hillary button, a green Yoder yard sign.


Maya_and_Shelli.jpg May_and_Susan_B.jpg

Here's Maya, a young woman, taking inspiration from women on whose shoulders she is standing. Susan B Anthony, Sophia Travis, and Shelli Yoder -- all with ties to Bloomington.
THANK YOU, Maya, for helping us focus on the continuum of women working together: from the past, with our current efforts in the present for our collective future -- for you and your friends and all our children.   
This last week of the campaign, I'm taking my inspiration from you, Maya.
So, who's predicting a Senator Szakaly in the future?

Just a couple of hours help could make the difference for our endorsed candidates.
You've heard the folks talking about the difference a couple of votes per precinct makes. It adds up to a win!
Please sign up to help in two-hour shifts, distributing a "point of sale" flyer that highlights all of the DWC candidates. We have an online sign up through a doodle poll at and will also circulate it at the breakfast meeting on Friday, November 4th.
At this point the polls we're planning to staff are:
Unitarian Universalist Church  2120 Fee Lane
Union Center  445 N Union
IU Football complex 45/46 Bypass
Genesis Church  801 E SR 45/46 Bypass
Bloomington High School South  S Walnut
Summit Elementary School 1450 W Countryside Lane
Binford Elementary School 2300 E 2nd St
Fairview Elementary School 500 W 7th
University Elementary School 1111 N Russell Road
Evangelical Community Church  503 S High Street
Free Methodist Church  Grimes/Lincoln
This effort REALLY helps. It's amazing how often people thank us for the useful information and then come out of the polling place indicating they voted for our women!!  Just two votes per precinct can make a difference in the outcome!
Please contact Jillian Kinzie at [email protected], or Philippa Guthrie at [email protected]. We will make sure you are signed up.

PENNY GITHENS, candidate for State House District 60
Can you help her win this district and oust the incumbent?!!
Penny notes: "My campaign is responsible for the GOTV effort for Morgan County, which includes not only my campaign but John Gregg's, Glenda Ritz's, etc.  We're looking for people to help canvass and make calls on November 5 & 6, and to make calls on November 7 & 8.  We're also in need of people who can help feed the crew, especially on November 5 & 6 -- lunch and supper.  The wonderful Dems of Monroe County have been bringing in food at the combined campaign, and I have seen how it really makes a difference."
Use this link:
Contact Morgan Murphy at [email protected]  Contact Penny at [email protected]

JESSICA McCLELLAN, candidate for County Treasurer
Help by signing up for the POS program above.
Contact Jessica at [email protected] or through Facebook. Visit

JOANI SHIELDS, candidate for County Coroner,
Help by signing up for the POS program above.
[email protected]

AMANDA BARGE and JULIE THOMAS, County Commissioner (running from different districts -- You can vote for BOTH!)

Amanda Amanda asks that you share her information on social media and that if you vote early, you share that you voted for her.
She also asks that you sign up for the DWC Doodle Poll to work Early Voting and Election Day. "And thank you DWC'rs!!!"
Text 812-606-6540 OR email [email protected]
Julie is asking people to sign up with the DWC Point of Sale program. She offers one of her special Julie Thomas for Commissioner campaign T-shirts for anyone who will do this for her. You've seen them! They have a SPINE on the back of the shirt! Get a spine! Contact: [email protected]

CHERYL MUNSON and LEE JONES, re-elect to County Council at-large
Cheryl: "I am asking people to go to hand out the small POS flyers at the polls. (I know what a difference this made in the primary; I worked all day, and hundreds of people thanked me for info). I believe it will be the same on Election Day as well, for the many people who (sadly) are not knowledgeable about or feel connected to County government."
Contact Cheryl at [email protected]. Lee can be reached at [email protected]

Action Item

HQ at 9th & Walnut!
501 N Walnut, 317-556-5789
Current Office Hours:  Mon.-Thu. 10 a.m. - 9 p.m., Fri. & Sat. 10 a.m. - 6 p.m., Sun. Noon - 4 p.m.
This combined HQ has worked out so well under the management of Teri Bluel!
The folks guiding the Clinton/Gregg/Bayh/Ritz/Githens campaigns are making calls for GOTV right NOW.
If you can help, it helps the whole ticket, including our endorsed candidates.
Call for the current list of needs.

2016 GOTV (Get Out The Vote) Driver/Rider Project  
Do you need a ride to the polls for early voting or on election day? Do you know someone else who does?
The Monroe County Democratic Party and IU Democrats are sponsoring a ride to the polls for all voters in Monroe County...
To schedule a ride call or text 317-556-5789.
Se habla espanol? Necesitas un aventon a los precintos? Llamanos al 812-856-8135
The voter transport effort also includes a shuttle leaving from Indiana Memorial Union Circle Drive 1-5 p.m. every hour on the hour, to transport students and staff from the IU campus to early voting. This is happening now!
Questions? Call Pat Slabach at 317-796-1820 and leave a message, or email at [email protected]

(All dates are 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. except Nov. 7)
Election Central (401 W. 7th St., Suite 100, Bloomington) and
Satellite Location (North Showers Bldg., 501 N. Morton Street, Room 201-202, Bloomington)
Oct. 31-Nov. 5 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Nov. 7 - 8 a.m. - Noon
NB: The Showers location is likely to have fewer voters and shorter lines, there is designated parking for voters in the north Showers lot.

If you want to work at the polls on election day... Please contact Rod Yandt at 812-340-2261 or [email protected]

Annual Ndethya Benefit Sale at the IMU
November 2, 11  a.m. - 5 p.m. in the Hoosier Room
Even more diverse offerings beyond the usual African and African-inspired jewelry and baskets, including rugs, quilts, a designer barrette collection and many other items.  Benefits two AIDS orphanages/school and women's agricultural cooperative in Kenya.  In 2015, the teachers were paid and food was bought for a month with the money raised.  At the small AIDS orphanage, the money was sufficient to pay school fees for two secondary students for two years. And the women of the Ndethya cooperative used our offering to continue to upgrade much-needed water tanks.

Periods for Politicians (formerly Periods for Pence) Pre-election Rally Focused on Women’s Issues in Indiana
November 2, 5:30 p.m. Indiana Statehouse
The aim is to highlight all of the measures that caused harm to Hoosier women during the last four years–years that, not at all coincidentally, coincided with Mike Pence’s term as Governor. For details check out this column by Sheila Kennedy:

DWC Breakfast Meeting this Friday!
November 4th. 7:30 am, Village Deli
Catch up on polls, get campaign updates, connect with like minded women.
We're hoping for a special guest or two.. but you know, they're out there campaigning. Watch for an update on Wednesday!

Sophia Travis Community Service Grant Hearings
November 9, 5:30 pm, Nat U Hill Meeting Room in the Courthouse
From Cheryl Munson, County Council President:     
     The day after the election, the Sophia Travis Community Services Grants will be voted on at the County Council meeting.
Last year we had many protesters re: Planned Parenthood's application, and I expect the same this year. There will be public comment at the meeting, with individuals limited to 3 minutes.
     Think about showing up at this meeting. Think about contributing $10 to Planned Parenthood for every protester that speaks. You'd be in good company in doing so.

There is nothing more important this year!

Plan to work 2 hours on election day for women.
Take the doodle poll... zgpqtem9r,

One more thing....
Have you paid your DWC Dues for 2016?
The DWC is dedicated to inspiring, recruiting, training, supporting and funding women to increase the number of progressive, pro-choice women in the political arena. We ALL help with this mission, together, collectively. Make sure you have full rights and privileges of membership!
Only $20 for one year’s membership.  Join online here:

Do you have news items? Send your items of interest to us at [email protected]
Deadline for MMN is noon on Sunday.

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