Township Races

This election cycle, voters have several excellent candidates to choose to represent them on the township level. Township government in Indiana is the most grassroots level of government, responsible for utilities, food, and shelter assistance for low-income individuals and families, the upkeep of cemeteries, and -- in many case -- fire protection services.

In Bloomington township, residents have been well-served by trustee Lilian Henegar for the last two years. Lilian's experience in the nonprofit and government sectors make her a good manager of taxpayer funds, and she has worked well running one of the two largest township offices in the county. In Benton township, Michelle Bright has served as trustee for three years, and she has done an incredible job restoring financial records and balancing the accounts after a disastrous term of service by the previous office holder. Indian Creek Township has been led by the talented trustee Vicky Sorensen since 2010, and Vicky has reached out to all neighbors to renew a sense of trust and community in the township while planning ahead for the profound impact of I-69.
Some bright new faces in local politics are on the ticket in township board races as well. Patricia Slabach, in Washington Township, hopes to make board and trustee activities more open to the public; Mary McInerney, in Benton Township, wants to put her training in mortuary science and nonprofit fundraising to good use; and Amy Swain and Meri Reinhold are part of the "trust" team with Vicky Sorensen who have restored faith in township governance in Indian Creek. In Perry Township, Barb Sturbaum has shown her dedication to the community with 27 years of skilled service as a board member.
Don't forget to vote in township races this fall!