Democratic Women's Caucus - Bloomington, IN

The Democratic Women's Caucus Political Action Committee was founded in 2004 in Bloomington, Monroe County, Indiana. The purpose of our organization is to fund, inspire, recruit, support, and train progressive, pro-choice Democratic women to increase the numbers of women in the electoral process and in elected and appointed positions.

Women are still greatly underrepresented at all levels of government in the United States. Internationally, the US ranks 98th for percentage of women in its national legislature (Inter-Parliamentary Union, Dec. 2013). In the 113th Congress (Jan. 1, 2012-Dec. 31, 2014) women make up only 20% of the Senate and 18.6% of the House of Representatives.

In state legislatures, women make up only 24.2% of representatives nationwide in 2014. Colorado and Vermont are edging near parity with 41% and 40.6%, respectively, but in Indiana we are below average, at 20%. Very few women hold statewide leadership offices across the country as well. There are currently (2014) only 5 women governors, and 4 of them are Republicans! In addition, only 10 women serve as lieutenant governor, 8 as attorney general, and 11 as secretary of state across all 50 states.

On the local level, we are doing rather well in Monroe County government, but the City of Bloomington only has 3 women out of 11 (27%) elected officials.

Clearly we have a long way to go to achieve gender parity among our elected government officials at all levels.

Source: The Center for American Women in Politics