Office Holders

Local Women Democrats in Public Office

Those with an asterisk were endorsed by the DWC during the current or past elections.

Monroe County
County Commissioner (District 3): *Amanda Barge
County Commissioner (District 2): *Julie Thomas
County Council, At-Large: *Cheryl Munson
County Council, At-Large: *Lee Jones
County Council, District 1: *Shelli Yoder
Circuit Judge, Division 1: Honorable *Holly Harvey
Circuit Judge, Division 4: Honorable *Elizabeth A. Cure
Circuit Judge, Division 5: Honorable Mary Ellen Diekhoff
Circuit Judge, Division 8: Honorable *Valeri Haughton
Circuit Judge, Division 9: Honorable *Teresa D. Harper
Assessor: *Judy Sharp
Clerk of Courts: Nicole Brown
Coroner: *Joani Shields
Treasurer: *Jessica McClellan
Auditor: Cathy Smith
City of Bloomington
City Council at large: *Susan Sandberg
City Council, District 2: *Dorothy Granger
City Council, District 3: *Allison Chopra
City Council, District 5: *Isabel Piedmont-Smith
City Clerk: *Nicole Bolden

Town of Ellettsville
Clerk/Treasurer: Sandra Hash

Township Offices
Bean Blossom Township Trustee: Pamela Cook
Benton Township Trustee: *Michelle Bright
Benton Township Board: Diane Street
Bloomington Township Trustee: *Lillian Henegar
Bloomington Township Board:*Barbara McKinney
Bloomington Township Board: Dawn Allen
Indian Creek Township Trustee: *Vicky Sorensen
Indian Creek Township Board:*Amy Swain
Indian Creek Township Board: *Meri Reinhold
Perry Township Board: *Barbara Sturbaum
Perry Township Board: Susie Hamilton




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