2016 Endorsed Candidates

The following candidates are endorsed by the DWC


Amanda Barge – Candidate for Monroe County Commissioner, District 3

I’m running for County Commissioner because, as a lifelong resident, business owner, community activist, mom and social worker, I am committed to the well-being of Monroe County. As Executive of the county, the Commissioner role requires vision, the ability to work well with others and dedication to the small tasks that have a big impact.  I’m a natural fit: I’m solely responsible for the daily budgetary, contractual and legal tasks that make my business successful, I work with a diverse group of clients and community partners, and had the vision to go from a small counseling practice to a successful downtown venture.
My vision for this community will focus on health and welfare, respectful and open government, and sensible planning. Being commissioner is more than attending meetings and signing contracts. I would treat this role as a lifestyle, instead of just another title. I look forward to the work ahead and the privilege of serving!

Cheryl_Munson.jpgCheryl Munson – Candidate for Re-election to Monroe County Council, At-Large

The Monroe County Council is the county’s fiscal body, setting all county department budgets, salaries, and our tax rates. I have served on the Council 3+ years, 1+ as President. I hope to be re-elected because:
- I love our community and care deeply about the county our children and grandchildren will inherit.
- My decades of community service in diverse organizations have given me a county-wide view of our needs, potentials, and dreams, all of which are important guideposts for the county’s policy and budget decisions.
- I have extensive budget experience through 40 years of professional work (research scientist) and 16 years of local government work (4 elected terms on the Indian Creek Township Board). 
Government budgeting is much more than lines and numbers—it is about the services people need and hope for while also balancing revenue and costs. My promise for second term is to: (1) attend to our fiscal responsibilities; (2) preserve our valuable resources; natural, cultural, social, and governmental; and (3) guide our growth. See www.cherylmunson.us

Holly Harvey, Candidate for Monroe County Judge, Court 1

Holly_Harvey.jpgI am running for the office of Judge to preserve access to justice. I want to ensure that Monroe County citizens who are unrepresented in court have equal access to justice, so that they have a better understanding of their rights, the legal process, and their role as consumers of legal services.
I am running because I am a problem solver. I believe that increasing the use of problem solving courts for families in crises will enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the court process.
I am running because I am the most experienced candidate. This court will likely handle civil cases. With over eighteen years of experience in family law, real estate, employment, personal injury, evictions and small claims cases, I am well qualified to serve. As a substitute judge and mediator, I have honed the skills required to weigh facts and fairly resolve disputes.

Jessica_McClellan.jpgJessica McClellan, Candidate for Monroe County Treasurer

I am running for Monroe County Treasurer because I believe I can make a difference. The Treasurer must be trustworthy and reliable. This person must be able to administer the office duties in an accountable and transparent manner. This person must be approachable and available to all officials of the county, city, townships, schools, library and all the rest of the taxing units. I pledge to be the Treasurer that fulfills all of these requirements.
But I’m running because I can make a difference. And that difference is something more than fulfilling the basic duties of the Treasurer’s Office. I’m going to create a culture that fosters collaboration with the County Auditor and all elected officials. I’m going to bring better record keeping and up to date financial information to
our office. I’m going to hold the Treasurer’s Office to the same high standards that we hold all county offices.


Joani Shields, Candidate for Monroe County Coroner

I chose to run for the Office of Coroner because I want the Office of Coroner to continue forward with the progress it has made over the past seven years with Nicole Meyer as Coroner. The Office of Coroner has fostered strong relationships with law enforcement and other agencies regarding death investigations.
As the Coroner, I will continue to serve as an advocate for the deceased and perform professional and thorough investigations. It is rewarding for me, in a sense, to be that voice so that the loved ones of the deceased have that closure. I have served as a deputy coroner for 12 years and feel I have the experience to lead this office in the right direction.


Julie_Thomas_mug.jpgJulie Thomas, Candidate for Re-Election as Monroe County Commissioner, District 2

Two issues of focus in my 2012 campaign for County Commissioner were to protect the environment and to encourage civic engagement. I have worked effectively with the Board of Commissioners to make great strides in both areas. Some of the successful projects include the guaranteed energy savings program, installing solar arrays, and the development of an interactive resident-engagement website (debuting soon!).
There are more projects to pursue, but the most important work of the Board of Commissioners is the day-to-day administrative, executive and legislative leadership that county residents require. The work is not always glamorous, but it is always interesting. It requires time, attention to detail, and conversations with residents, elected officials, employees, and community stakeholders. I bring experience, my skill set, and the mindset of a public servant to this position. I ask for your endorsement for re-election as your District 2 Commissioner. Questions? Please contact me at [email protected].

Jones.jpgLee Jones, Candidate for Re-Election to Monroe County Council, At-Large

During the past four years I‘ve become involved several initiatives I would like to be able to see to fruition.
I hope to work to create a plan to bring County employee salaries up to the median range in Indiana.
I have served on the Plan Commission for seven years. During that time we passed a new County Master Plan. Now we are working on plans and ordinances to support it. This is a process I would like to stay involved in.
As the Council's appointment to the Community Corrections Board I am aware of the critical need for a Community Corrections Center to provide supervision for Level 6 felons the Department of Corrections is no longer accepting and the ones they are sending back to their County. This is an issue I would like to continue working on.

Penny_Githens.jpgPenny Githens, Candidate for Indiana State Representative, District 60

Why am I running for the Indiana legislature, especially against a Republican incumbent in what is viewed as a heavily gerrymandered Republican district?  I’m running because I’m angry, angry at what our Republican governor has been doing, angry about how the Republican, supermajority has been ignoring the wishes of our citizens, and angry about how the reputation of Indiana has suffered as a result of their actions.
I grew up in Indiana and am proud of my Hoosier heritage.  Unfortunately, the Indiana of 2016 is not the Indiana where I grew up.  Our claim of Hoosier hospitality has been eroded by RFRA, the deterioration of our infrastructure threatens our position as the cross-roads of America, our teachers and public schools are not getting the support they deserve, and too many Hoosiers are not able to earn a living wage.  I’m running to try to change all of that.