Democratic Women's Caucus - Bloomington, IN

The Democratic Women's Caucus Political Action Committee was founded in 2004 in Bloomington, Monroe County, Indiana. The purpose of our organization is to fund, inspire, recruit, support, and train progressive, pro-choice Democratic women to increase the numbers of women in the electoral process and in elected and appointed positions.

On the local level, we are doing rather well, but we have a long way to go to achieve gender parity among our elected government officials at all levels. Women are still greatly underrepresented at all levels of government in the United States, and very few women hold statewide leadership offices in the state of Indiana. As of 2020, Indiana has yet to elect a woman governor. We still have work to do!

The DWC values diversity & inclusion as a primary goal of our organization — for our candidates, membership, and steering committee. We are committed to creating an environment where individuals are valued regardless of sex, age, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, national origin or religious affiliation--it is this diversity of experience that promotes growth and progress within our organization and government. The DWC proudly offers support to individuals who identify as progressive, pro-choice, Democratic women. The DWC understands that promoting diversity and inclusion is not a passive process, nor is it a goal that is ever completed. We are committed to this process and will continue to seek out opportunities for development.