Office Holders

Local Women Democrats in Public Office

Monroe County
County Commissioner (District 1): Lee Jones
County Commissioner (District 2): Julie Thomas
County Commissioner (District 3): Penny Githens
County Council, At-Large: Cheryl Munson
County Council, District 1: Shelli Yoder
County Council, District 2: Kate Wiltz
Circuit Judge, Division 1: Honorable Elizabeth A. Cure
Circuit Judge, Division 2: Honorable Valeri Haughton
Circuit Judge, Division 3: Honorable Christine Talley Haseman
Circuit Judge, Division 4: Honorable Catherine Stafford
Circuit Judge, Division 5: Honorable Mary Ellen Diekhoff
Circuit Judge, Division 6: Honorable Holly Harvey
Circuit Judge, Division 9: Honorable Darcie Fawcett
Prosecuting Attorney 10th Circuit Court: Erika Oliphant
Assessor: Judy Sharp
Clerk of Courts: Nicole Brown
Coroner: Joani Shields
Treasurer: Jessica McClellan
Auditor: Cathy Smith
City of Bloomington
City Council at large: Susan Sandberg
City Council, District 2: Dorothy Granger
City Council, District 3: Allison Chopra
City Council, District 5: Isabel Piedmont-Smith
City Clerk: Nicole Bolden

Town of Ellettsville

Township Offices
Benton Township Trustee: Michelle Bright
Bloomington Township Trustee: Kim Alexander
Bloomington Township Board:Barbara McKinney
Bloomington Township Board: Lorraine Merriman Farrell
Perry Township Board: Barbara Sturbaum
Perry Township Board: Susie Hamilton
Salt Creek Township Board: Joan C. Hall
Washington Township Board: Patricia Slabach